Anna Dierking + Florian Rüster

bdla event series "Today in the Facetted Realm" BUGA Heilbronn 2019

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A [Federal] Garden Show is not a show of flowers!

It is an outlook on the future development of our natural, built and designed environment. And landscape architecture? It designs livable and sustainable open spaces and places in incredibly diverse facets.

Our profession's generalist and/or specific view of the world considers social, ecological and economic conditions, depending on the task at hand - thus forming the primordial soup of all visions. In doing so, we are dependent on the constant input of the latest developments and the interdisciplinary dialogue with experts from all disciplines.

In our series "Today in the Facet Realm..." we combine this expert knowledge with our professional know-how and illuminate current topics of the day in a "melange queerbeet" with illustrious guests from the profession, society and business.

Spiced with a pinch of culture, we invite you to an entertaining view of the future of our environment:

Anna Dierking + Florian Rüster

Anna Dierking + Florian Rüster

BUGA Heilbronn 2019, area "Stadt im Werden" - bdla garden "Heilbronn 2.0", No. 9 in the BUGA site plan
The exhibition entry is located in the BUGA grounds. The purchase of a valid entrance ticket is required. The entrances are open until 19.00 hrs.
Exit is possible at any time. Participation in the event is free of charge. In case of rain, the event will take place in the seminar room, House of Landscape, No. 8g.

Thursday, 5/16/2019, 6:00 p.m.
"Today in the Facet Realm" - What's Coming Your Way Soon!"

When things bloom beautifully, the heart laughs!
But what else is actually blooming? Better said: What will bloom for us in the future? How much responsibility do we take in our own consumption and lifestyle? Do we perceive nature and biodiversity as the basis of life or as an obstacle? With illustrious guests, we take a look at the challenges of our time and the possibilities of landscape architecture to show sustainable solutions. Spiced with a pinch of culture, we invite you to an entertaining view of the future of our environment.

The guests

Pastor Sybille Leiß, Chairwoman of the Board of the Evang. Stiftung Lichtenstern, Löwenstein
Dipl.-Agr. Biologe Marcus Schmierer, Institut für trop. Agrarwissenschaften, Universität Hohenheim
Reiner Nagel , architect and urban planner BDA, DASL, chairman of the board of the Stiftung Baukultur, Potsdam
André Eißer, visionary, trend finder, web designer and landscape architect, managing partner of dotwerkstatt UG, Berlin
Culture: Peter Lehel, saxophonist, Hochschule für Musik HfM, Karlsruhe

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