WG Climate: Munich Climate Adaptation Concept / Research Green City of the Future

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In the upcoming meeting of the AG Klimaschutz im bdla Bayern on Wednesday, 08 March 2023 at 18:00, the Department for Climate and Environmental Protection of the LH Munich (RKU) will present current statuses on the above topics.

© Harold Wainwright / Unsplash

© Harold Wainwright / Unsplash

  • Project "Green City of the Future II" (Dr. Zölch, Ms. Linke and Ms. Rehfeldt)
  • Funding program for greening facades of the City of Munich (Mr. Bungenstock)
  • Climate adaptation concept Munich (Mr. Bungenstock).

Afterwards, there will be the opportunity for exchange and discussion.
The AG meeting will take place digitally, interested parties are as always cordially invited!

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