Training series: Soil - Legal framework for handling soil material

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The two-part digital training block of the bdla Bavaria is dedicated to the topic "Soil - legal framework for the handling of soil material" in April 2023.

© Forrest Cavale / Unsplash

© Forrest Cavale / Unsplash

Experts each explained a complex of topics on one date, followed by a discussion.

The participation fee usually comprises a lecture of about one hour followed by a discussion. It amounts to € 25 for members of the bdla and the VGL, for non-members € 50 per lecture. For students the participation is free of charge.

The link to participate in the digital training as well as instructions for the conference tool GoTo Meeting will be sent by e-mail a few days before the event.

Holger Seit / Attorney at Law: excavated soil - waste or resource?
Monday, April 17, 2023, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

New legal framework for dealing with soil material: Substitute Building Materials Ordinance (EBV) and Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance (BBodSchV 2023) - Practical knowledge for landscape architects.

On August 1, 2023, the Substitute Building Materials Ordinance (EBV) and the amended Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance (BBodSchV), two federal ordinances, which will replace the previously applicable state regulations for the recycling of excavated soil and construction waste, will come into force. The regulations frequently used as a basis for assessment in practice - such as LAGA Notice 20 and the "Technical Rules for Soil" - will cease to apply when the new EBV comes into force.

Also affected is the utilization of soil material in earthworks, road, path and rail traffic route construction (EBV) and the use of soil material in all soil-related applications, such as gardening and landscaping, backfilling and recultivation of quarries and soil improvements in the agricultural sector (BBodSchV). The implementation of the new requirements poses major challenges for planners of gardening, landscaping and construction measures.

The approx. 2-hour online seminar provides an overview of the new legal requirements for handling excavated soil, introduces the systematics of the new shell ordinance (EBV and BBodSchV) and provides practical tips for planning, tendering and implementation.

Johannes Prügl / Soil Institute Prügl: Recycling excavated soil - pitfalls from practice
Monday, April 24, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

A lot has changed in sampling, analysis and evaluation of excavated soil due to the new Mantelverordnung (contains among others the new Ersatzbaustoffverordnung-EBV and the new Bundes-Bodenschutzverordnung-BBodSchV).

This presentation will highlight the implications for landscaping practice (especially for topsoils, subsoils, vegetation support layers, and "rootable soil layers") and discuss possible pitfalls for offices.

Organizer: bdla Bavaria in cooperation with VGL Bavaria

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